Sunday, July 26, 2009

False Security

Ok. As you know I did some traveling for the school. Marketing for the school at different Christian music events, giving away everything! We gave away shirts, water bottles, information, and 3 iTouches....[still a little bitter that I couldn't keep one] but anyways we stopped in Louisville, KY to see one of Nick's friends [George]. Let me start off and say that George is AMAZING! This guy is a real man of God. One of the coolest guys I sho! Anyways I may have fallen in love with George. [In the most Christian way possible plus he's married] Ok, so George took us to his church that he attends in Louisville that meets in a school. During worship a line from a song really hit me in the face. I don't really remember the exact phrasing of the lines but something to the affect of:

"No bleeding bird, no bleeding beast,
no hyssop branch, no priest,
no brook, no flood, no sea,
can wash away my stain from me
only His blood"

Ok. Let that soak in. Maybe even read it again. There is nothing that we can do or kill that will wash away our sins. We can do everything in our human boundaries to try to clean away our sin stain but its only going to mask it not take it away. Its going give us a false sense of security. The only thing that will save us and wash away our stain is Christ's blood. We gotta receive His salvation. Once again we have people who say they are Christians because of the things that they do. They think that because they give to needy people, don't cuss, or do anything morally correct they are saved from an eternity in hell. Its only God's grace that saves us. The Bible says that our works will not get us into heaven.

Being that I love music I try to relate everything to something that I listen to. Matthew West has a song that explains that "Its only Grace" that saves us from our eternal punishment. It's sad to look around and see and hear people who believe that since they have lived a good life and not done anything too terrible that they will be in heaven. The harsh truth is that they are going to stand in front of the Father and He is going to tell them to depart from Him and that He never knew them.

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