Saturday, July 11, 2009

OK. Hey people! So today I got to hear and meet Francis Chan speak. And now I have a million things going through my mind! The Chan Said a lot of good things today that I can take home and chew on for a very long time. Chan asked one question that completely leveled me. He asked if we all knew what Revelation 2-3 were about...that's not the kicker...[in case you don't recall its the letters Christ wrote to the 7 churches] anyways he asked us "What if Christ wrote us a letter like He did the 7 churches? Telling us what He liked and disliked about the way we live and serve Him?" CRAZY RIGHT?!?! I kinda zoned out a little and began to think what would Christ write? Personally He would probably write this mile long letter telling me how big He is and how small I really am. I try to do so many things on my own and tell God "I'll let you know when I need you." If you're thinking 'Matt that's not right' you're completely correct! Then being a type of person who likes to link things together, I thought about the book by Louie Giglio, "I am not but I know I AM" in that book he goes on about how we are so small finite beings and God is SOOO HUGE! Whatever we can't handle He CAN! Back to the point of this scatter-brained blog...I began to feel convicted about how I had been trying to run my life...not giving God full authority of my life...becoming somewhat 'lukewarm' and if you know about the one church in Revelation who was 'lukewarm' [God spat them out of his mouth]

So here is my point to take Revelation 2-3...see where you fit in to the 7 churches...see how you can fix whatever it may be in your life that needs to be fixed so that you can be fully on fire for Christ...I have to do the same...hopefully this blog made some since and wasn't all over the place...

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  1. I just saw you "Like" Justin Stephens' status on Facebook about seeing Transformers 2 for Megan Fox.

    Matthew 5:27-28
    Matthew 7:21

    So yeah... about being lukewarm...