Monday, July 13, 2009


Ok. I was in a bookstore the other day [not gonna say which one] but i saw something that just really got me angry and at the same time concerned. I went to the Religion Section like I always do and then proceeded to the Christianity Section. Here 's the kicker! They had a book by Deepak Chopra entitled Jesus....AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Why is his book in the Christianity section?!?! Is it just because of the title?!?! That is the only reason I can think of! It took everything in me to not break the class Black Cherry Soda bottle on the shelf and go find the person who put that book in that section! We wonder why some Christians have this off the wall theology of Christ and what it means to be a follower of Christ. Its because of bookstores who put up books that take away from God and say that its Christian thinking! ITS NOT!!!! I don't know if yall know who Deepak Chopra is but this guy is way off his rocker! He had a debate with Mark Driscoll and got pounded by not only him but a total stranger in the audience...He thinks that there is no absolute truth...This guy thinks that Christ is just some being that Christians hide behind! He wants to take Jesus and add to Him...YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! You take Christ for who He is and what He is! THAT'S IT! So to see books that water down Christianity and who Christ is and what i hold to be truth is really not cool! Seeing this book in the section that it was in made my ears turn red and my cheeks got body temp went thru the roof! I started sweatin...AHHHH!!! Man I just wanted to tear down this place! In my mind I was thinkin 'You know if random peopl pick this book up and are searchin for who Christ is and whats so special about Him and read it, then they are gonna have this notion that Christ has to come with something else...' Thats where trouble starts...That is where we have people who believe some of the craziest things that are not even close to being consistent to what the Bible teaches...Personally I think that bookstores should have someone manages each section....thats when a Christian applies for that job and goes in the Christianity section and takes out the Deepak Chopra books and any other that doesn't go along with Biblical teaching! Even if that means gettin rid of the Joel Osteen books! Saying that Deepak Chopra is an expert on Jesus is sayin that Joel Osteen is an evangelical preacher! HE'S NOT!!

So once I cooled down a little I took the book in my hand and calmly walked ever to the New Age section and placed it where it belongs....

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